Jeep Safari

A wonderful day in a excursion to the countryside to explore the real Dominican life.

We will visit waterfalls you only thought existed in the world of stories.

On roads with almost no traffic you will have the chance to enjoy the countryside atmosphere. Here you will find that people lives just as they did 50 years ago without influence from modernization and the rest of the world.

The way that people lives here all depend on the weather because most here are farmers.

During the day we will stop a couple of times to look at the beautiful view.

On the countryside life is different to the small cities at the north coast, here you will notice more poor families.

The local guide will talk about the Dominican life and then you will be able to see for yourself when you will be invited to a family.

An important way to travel here is the horse and you will also try horseback riding.

An adventure is to visit the waterfalls, which are incredibly beautiful.

There are seven waterfalls after each other and after each fall there is a natural pool. We will swim in some of these pools with sweet water coming from the rivers in the mountain.

To get up to some of these waterfalls you have to climb (not all).

Our transportation this day is pick-up cars with benches for aprox.8 people per car.

Good to bring is camera, swimming clothes, shoes resistant to water (possible to rent at the falls), sweets for the children.

Help and Support

Diamond Mall. Local 45 A. 1er Nivel
Av. Los Próceres, Esq. Euclídes Morillo, Arroyo Hondo.